Deep River Band


Gerry Williams - guitar and vocals.  Weaned on the music of Hank Williams and founding father of this band of strolling minstrels.  Picked up the guitar at the age of 12, played skiffle while at sea,courtesy of the Royal Navy.  Started playing bluegrass in 1962 ,  he is the original guitar player of the Orange Blossom Sound, lifelong stalwart of the British bluegrass scene and has taken his band to Europe and the USA.  Influences include the Stanley Brothers and The Blue Sky Boys.  His melliflluous guitar and soulful vocals provide the fulcrum of Deep River Band.  Loves hard drivin' bluegrass bluegrass and it shows!


Howard Burton - banjo and vocals.  Started playing bluegrass in 1987 and rapidly went on to play with the East Coast Bluegrass Band, the Anglian Bluegrass Boys, Phil Morley's band Wet Paint and Del Robinson's Rocky Island Boys.  He took time out to explore bluegrass in the USA where in 1998 he was placed 7th in the banjo competition at the world famous Galax Fiddle Convention, Virginia.  Among his many influences are JD Crowe, Don Reno, Tony Trischka and especially Scott Vestal (take a look at his banjo!) but his traditional bluegrass "up-bringing" give Deep River Band that traditional driving sound.


Gina Richardson - fiddle and vocals.  Professionally trained, started playing fiddle at the age of 8.  Eschewed orchestral work for the gutsier and more intimate world of Early Music string bands, but her bluegrass commitments now dominate.  Started playing bluegrass in 1999 and has really gotten the music under her skin.  She is an accomplished and versatile musician, taking her influences from early bluegrass fiddlers such as Benny Sims and Curly Ray Cline.  She has toured the UK, Europe and the USA  giving fiddle workshops, laying down her finely honed fiddle breaks and adding her vocal talents to the group's distintive sound.


Nye Davis - bass.  Much in demand as a bass player, Nye is the most recent addition to the band, having toured festivals and venues in both the UK and the USA.  "Hales" from Wales, UK but influenced by such bluegrass bass players as Jack Cooke and Marshall Wilborn.  As well as playing with Deep River Band he can be seen with the Biggin Hillbillies at Joe's Bar or "jivin'" the night away in deepest Kent!